Saturday, May 24, 2008

Viet's Aroma

IMG_5075, originally uploaded by Network.

A family dines at Viet's Aroma in Frederick, Maryland.

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Chef's Outlet

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The Chef's Outlet had their grand opening today in downtown Frederick.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Take Your Bike On the Bus

You can take your bike on the bus on the Frederick County TransIT system. It's easy. When the bus comes to a stop, tell the driver you're bringing your bike. Pull the rack to the horizontal position. Lift your bike into the rack, and make sure it's secured. Hop on the bus, pay your fare and have a seat. When you get to your destination, just reverse the process. You can hear us talk about green initiatives that are easy for you to do on podcasts - Click Here

Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade 2007

The Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade is one of the longest running Memorial Day celebrations in the country. See keyword "Memorial Day" for more details. The next parade is this Saturday...see you there!

Hula Dancer

Hula dancer at the Pangea Festival in Frederick County.


IMG_5027, originally uploaded by Network.

Visit keyword "Pangea" for an article including many video clips! Pictured is Tanny from the Viet Aroma Restaurant. Use keyword "Viet Aroma" on to learn more.